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Who is SchearerSpeed?

We are a new, rapidly growing CNC machine shop based out of Reading, Pa. Founded in 2018 by a husband and wife team with an absolute passion for making chips fly, and turning metal blanks into high precision customer applications. With years of experience in the machining field spanning from large quantity & high volume robotic assisted CNC production, to tight tolerance aerospace mold tooling and composite machining, we have the skill set to take your unique needs, and turn them into a high quality end part. Customer satisfaction and quality is our top priority.


What do we do?

 We specialize in many forms of CNC milling applications in all ranges of material types. From one of a kind applications, to high volume runs, we have got you covered. We also have capability's to meet your 3D printed needs, from prototype testing applications, to small batch runs, we have got that covered too.  Our engineering department can also work with you, to fine tune your current design, or take your idea and turn it into a working model. We also cover GTAW, GMAW, SMAW welding processes, along with mobile on site/in field repair work. 


CNC Machining & Prototype

We can help! SchearerSpeed can work with you to meet your current production demands, and help build a plan to get you in the green, and meet those production delivery dates. We can do subcontract work with your company, from CNC programming, Engineer design, and CNC machining on site at your facility or remotely. We have a highly skilled team that can meet your needs. From Aerospace production, to one off prototype runs, we are here to help meet your needs.  

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